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Before you start playing your going to need to get tuned in. There are plenty of free apps and resources available but why not have a go at tuning in with our free fun Guitar Tots string tuner!

How To Tune A Guitar Video Lesson

Guitar Tots Tuner
Guitar Tots Tuner

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Why would a kid these days want to learn nursery rhymes anyway? Here's why...

I recently saw a posting on a forum where a mother was asking what would be a good song for her 7 year old to learn as a first guitar song. Someone tried to be helpful and suggested they learn a simple nursery rhyme.

She was aghast! 'What 7 year old kid would want to learn a stupid nursery rhyme' she replied.

Well in one way she has a point. Kids these days are much more sophisticated with the type of music they listen to...however I really don't know many kids that don't like singing nursery rhymes either.

A big point that she is missing with this well meant piece of advice is that we all have to start somewhere and nursery rhymes are a great place to start because they are uncomplicated, short format, easy to learn and let's face it..they're fun! I even teach Drunken Sailor as my first adult song.

BUT..the biggest thing that she doesn't understand is that the chords that a child would learn from a nursery rhyme are the EXACT same chords that literally thousands of popular artists have used (and still do) to write some of the best selling songs of all time.

So what we've done is created a video that shows 10 popular songs using just the 3 chords used in one of our Guitar Tots lessons...We've called it 'From Old McDonald's Farm to Sweet Home Alabama'...check it out below:

It uses the chords G, C and D (Goerge Goat , Chelsea Cat and Debbie Donkey in Guitar Tots speak) and is quite an eye-opener.

Guitar Tots - Free Lesson

From Old McDonald's Farm To Sweet Home Alabama

This video is designed to show the range of songs that can be played using just 3 simple chords that are learned very early in the Guitar Tots course.

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